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The time is now here to sign up to serve at the next retreat, Acts #59.

Please be in prayer as to where you would like to serve and if you feel led to serve on the team for the weekend, please go to the Download Forms tab, click on the download link, and send in your form.  The forms will be processed on a first come, first serve, basis.  So, don’t take a chance on missing out on this chance to serve our Lord and Savior.


Please check out the fundraising page for any upcoming opportunities to help keep the ACTS 2:42 ministry alive


The board also publishes a quarterly newsletter so check the newsletter tab to see what else is happening.



God directs the work of ACTS 2:42 through a board which oversees the regular, ongoing functions of the ministry.  Board members are elected for three year terms which can be renewed annually.  Their service to this ministry is vital and appreciated and we would like to recognize our current board members as of January 2014.

Current board members:

Greg Bishop 

Kent Leslie

Wayne and Laura McAuliffe

Lars and Michele Sterner 

Terri Woodruff

Tim and Sheila Ill