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Greg Bishop

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Greg attended ACTS weekend #36.  He was born in Reno and currently lives in Sparks Nevada.  He is married to his beautiful wife of 30 years, Tricia.  They have one daughter, Nicole, who is also an ACTS alumnus and is actively serving in the ACTS ministry.  He is currently employed as an Operations Manager for Wells Fargo Bank and has been for almost 31 years.  Greg graduated from Reed High School, and attended some college.  He loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting and most sports.  He also enjoys travel and spending time with family and friends.  The reason Greg has a passion for the ACTS 242 ministry is because when he was a guest at ACTS, he had the most amazing weekend.  Every time he serves, his love for the Lord grows and his faith gets even stronger.  Greg also loves to be a part of the weekend to see so many lives changed like his was when he was a guest.  He has met the most amazing people and has made so many new friends through this ministry.  For God to allow him to be a part of changing people’s lives is a true blessing.

Kent Leslie

Kent attended Acts weekend #48.  He was born in Ann Arbor Michigan and calls Sparks Nevada his home.  He is married to Rosemary,who is also an Acts alumni, and has a son who lives in Virginia and a daughter who lives in Reno.  He has 4 Grandchildren that have taught him what it means to be a child again  They fill his life and give it true meaning.  His profession is as a Brand Manager for a welding supply company.  Kent’s education includes a B.S. in Education from the University of Michigan.  He has been a Christian most of his adult life and he has worked with the youth of the church for over 40 years.  He is also a part of the prayer team at his church and has done so for 16 years.  He is also a part of the hospital visitation team at the church.  Kent’s hobby has him studying and learning as much about Biblical History and about Jesus and His time here on earth that he can.  He is also a football fanatic and he watches football whenever there is a game on television.  In regards to the Acts ministry he states that it is without a doubt the most spiritual and soul searching event that he has been blessed to be a part of in his many years here on earth.  It allows him to watch the transition of our guests as they go from being apprehensive to them not wanting to leave the “mountain top”.  The whole Acts experience fills his heart with joy and he feels that it gives him a small taste of what Heaven will be like.

Tim Ill

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Sheila Ill

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Lars Sterner

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Michele Sterner

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Nicole McClure

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LaDawn Malone

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Teri Woodruff

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Teri attended ACTS weekend #38.  She was born in Reno,Nv.   She is married to her wonderful husband Brian and has two beautiful children Zack and Annette.  Terri is currently employed as an Office Manager.  She went to work right out of high school and went to work for the bank.  She worked in banking for 20 years.  For the last 15 years she has been doing books.  Terri enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  She loves to go camping, being by the beach and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  She loves to listen to music, go to the movies, and be around her wonderful family and friends.
The reason Terri has a passion for the ACTS 2:42 ministry- GOD’S LOVE!!!  As a guest she experienced Gods love in a way she had never seen or felt before.  She loves sharing this experience with others.  To see others experience this love is the most awesome experience ever.  Thank you God for letting her be apart of this ministry, it is truly a blessing.

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